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Toby Lee Home Page -- I grew up in Seattle and graduated from Lakeside High School in 1990. I attended Harvard College (Cabot House) where I met my wife. I finished at Yale Medical School after which I completed my residency and chief residency in internal medicine at Boston Medical Center (Boston University School of Medicine) formerly known as Boston City Hospital. I finished my general cardiology and interventional cardiology fellowship at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (Harvard Medical School) in 2006. I started practicing medicine in Tacoma, Washington starting August 2006 at Cardiac Study Center. Cardiac Study Center formed a partnership with Multicare Health Systems in 2016 so I now work as a physician for the Pulse Heart Institute. My hobbies include fencing, photography, and web design. I would love to hear from any of my old friends. Welcome to my Home Page!

what you will find on this site

On the top are links for pictures of the children as well as some links to my general interests. Andrew was born on June 18. Some selected pictures can be found by clicking on the Andrew button.  Benjamin was born November 9 and has pictures on the Benjamin link. Christopher was born January 16 and has pictures on the Christopher link. Layla was born 28 January 2007 and has pictures on the Layla link. I have some selected pictures that I have taken in my Photos section. Some of the links on my hobbies and interests, school links, friends' home pages, and other cool sites are found under the Interests section. 

On the left column are a number of links. My favorite web sites can be quickly accessed via the favorite web links button. My professional web site is accessed by the link to I am a certified professional fencing coach and volunteer at our local club with the youth fencers. My fencing biography is found at Links to journals, medical resources, formulas, and other medically related materials can be found by following the medical link.

This site is in constant evolution. It was started in 1999 with the primary goal of providing myself with a central place for organizing all my favorite links. I was also interested in learning how to set up a web site. I had started one after Andrew was born in order to share his pictures with friends and family all over the country (and with grandparents as far away as Seattle and Japan) before Facebook and other social media existed. Then Benjamin was born and there was more reason for a web site. A major upgrade was started November 2002 with the movement to FrontPage 2000 from Adobe PageMill. In early 2004 I began examining Java code and incorporating some useful Applets to my web site. Finally, in September 2008 I added Adobe Flash components to my website with a major remodel.

This home page was designed with Microsoft FrontPage 2000, Adobe Photoshop CS, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0. The handouts in PDF format (free download of the reader) were designed in either Adobe PageMaker 7.0 or Microsoft Word.


This page was last updated on 9 november 2018.

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