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Benjamin 7-8 years old pictures. Links to older pictures are reached by clicking on the corresponding thumbnail immediately below.

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Chess Tournament Records 2008-2009 Season (current rating 756 with peak rating 868):

Friday night Tacoma Quads (10/24/2008) 2nd of 4 players.

Annie Wright Winter Tournament (12/20/2008) 2nd of 33 players.

Friday night Bellevue Quads (1/2/2009) 1st of 4 players.

Charles Wright Challenge (1/31/2009) 10th of 92 players.

Annie Wright Valentines Day Tournament (2/14/2009) 10th out of 12 players.

Friday night Bellevue Quads (3/6/2009) 4th out of 4 players.

Elementary School State Championships (4/25/2009) 38th out of 85 players.

Benjamin 8 years old. Fencing (9th out of 14 fencers in his first tournament):


Benjamin 7 years old. Soccer:


Video footage of brother Christopher and fishing at Whidbey Island:


Three brothers hiking, picture taken by Mommy:




First ski race.



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