Andrew 7-9 years

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Pictures from when Andrew was 7-9 years old. To reach other links of Andrew Pictures click on the corresponding thumbnail below.

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9 Years old playing soccer:

Fishing at Bumping Lake, Washington (we did not catch any fish):

Chess Tournament Records 2007-2008 Season:

Annie Wright (12/15/2007) 21st place of 38 players (first tournament!).

Charles Wright (2/2/2008) 24th place of 72 players (open division)

Washington Hoyt (3/8/2008) 1st of 55 players

State Chess Championship (4/26/2008) 71st of 311 players

Eight years old. State Chess Championship Tournament:


San Francisco April 2008:

New York City February, 2008:


At Kalaloch beach, Washington:


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